All about Madagui (Part 01)

14 Oct All about Madagui (Part 01)

Shared by Thanh Tâm Nguyễn

I had a pretty nice trip with few friends at Madagui over the last weekend so I made this review for others who plan to go there. Hope you’d find it useful and wish you an enjoyable trip too!


For starter, gotta say that I found the trip totally worth it. We spent 2 days, 1 night at Madagui for total cost of 1.5mil VND (roughly $70) per person and surely felt like we made the most out of every penny (see the broke down details below).

Also, coz I’m in the mood for writing review so it’s gonna be a long one, included all info about accommodations, fees, games, foods, etc. Our group had 10 adults, went on a pre-order booking (there is a promo for pre-order going on) that we found on their facebook fanpage earlier.




What you should know before heading to Madagui:

  • Even though it’s in Lam Dong province (highland) but the weather and temperature aren’t that different from Sai Gon, just some light jacket will do the job. The most important thing might turn out to be… shoes. You’d need some sneakers for a lot of walking, hiking, trekking activities. In other words, bringing heels and the likes would be a terrible idea here.
  • Bugs repeller of course. Resort or not, it’s still a trip into the forest. Bring your own skincare and other medical necessity if you’re sensitive to bugs.
  • Our Pool Villa has a private pool right next to it, if you choose different types of room there is still a huge public pool in the middle of the resort. The public pool is a pretty nice find for kids with 3 levels of depth and a cool spot for… selfies if you’re into that.
  • Drop your gears and heavy stuff at your room/villa before heading out. When I say this resort is vast, I really mean it. Carrying stuff like food or a full DSLR set around while moving between attractions would tire you out much sooner than you think.




Madagui is about 152km away from Sai Gon in Da Lat direction. Just go with any popular busline near your place. We went with Phuong Trang for that same reason. The fee was around 210.000VND (roughly $9) for each person and remember to tell the driver to drop you off at Madagui.


Also, Phuong Trang Bus has a rest stop right next to the resort reception so it’s pretty neat. But other busline (Thanh Buoi, Nhat Doan, etc) work the same in my opinion. As long as it’s a popular one, they’d have 1 bus per hour for that route. And the travel time doesn’t vary that much either, you should get there after 3 – 3.5 hours max. Some of their hotlines we picked up at the station:

  • Phuong Trang: 1900 6067
  • Thanh Buoi: 1900 6079
  • Nhat Doan: 0888 50 51 51

There is always the option of driving or biking on your own too. The road is good with a touch of sceneries for a nice ride out. It’s getting pretty long so Imma throws the trip details into a part 2 for an easier reading.