Madagui Forest City offers 82 villa rooms and 27 comfortable tents lined along the Da Huoai River. All of our accommodations are attractively designed and stylish. Not only that, these facilities follow an open space plan, which makes them more spacious and comfortable. Each row of rooms is named after a different tropical fruit, and these unique room names include: Pomelo, Banana, Mango, Canito and Papaya…

Camping tents, family rooms, garden view rooms, pool view rooms or high-end villas with modern amenities, we have it all, and we are always ready to serve you with sincerity!

The Madagui experience is truly one-of-a-kind. On the one hand, it is a marvelous adventure filled with fun outdoor activities. On the other hand, it is a peaceful quest of relaxation by the pool or underneath the shade of an aged century tree. Just imagine – right after a refreshing, deep sleep, warm sunshine peeking through the thick forest foliage will caress your face as the sweet harmony of warbling birds wakes your soul. What could be more perfect?


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