Madagui Forest City – Best spot for teambuilding

14 Oct Madagui Forest City – Best spot for teambuilding

Is this your checklist for a great company trip?

  • Huge space for everyone to fit in on all sort of teambuilding activities and games
  • Professional service and support with great equipment and setup
  • Within reachable distance so nobody in the team will be tired out from traveling
  • Accommodation capacity which can cover huge number



If your checklist is similar to the one above, we might have the perfect answer for what you are seeking for your teambuilding/company trip right here at Madagui.


With over 1,200ha available, we can offer you various choices from caves, fields, trekking routes, to farms, lakes or rivers… Madagui can turn all of your ideas into reality, no matter how wild it is. Along with the vast space, we’re also proud of our technical support team who has years of experience in setting up and running different activities and plans. You only need to draft out what you had in mind via the phone or e-mail, and we will handle the rest.

And we’re close too! Just about 3 hours drive from HCMC (152km to be exact), all of our assets included 4 restaurants, 109 rooms, 25 tents and loads of fun and games, are yours to access. And there are even more: we are having unique activities you can hardly find anywhere else ready for you and your team to enjoy, like ziplining, kayaking, bouldering, drafting, etc. All aims to bring your company a great and exciting trip altogether.

Trusted and verified by many of our dear customers such as SCB, Agribank, ACB, Vietcombank, Coteccons Media, Prudential, Suntory Pepsico, Inschool International and many more but we always aim to improve our service so that we can bring you even better experiences.


Don’t hesitate to join in on the fun by contact us via:

Hotline 0263 3709 444 – Email