During the establishment and development processes, many exceptional steps were taken. In the 1990’s, investors came to Madagui and painstakingly revived the deserted land.  Years later, a stop linking the southern provinces and Dalat City was formed on one of the most important routes.  Subsequently, the process of fostering the potential of this barren land was initiated.  Today, just across the Da Huoai River, you will discover the grand landmark of Madagui, the large-scale forest city.

A forest city needs some remarkable traits to set it apart from common metropolitan areas.  During the 2000’s, the management team purchased an abundance of seeds to cultivate on the land.  With time and an enormous amount of effort, Madagui has become the lush forest that it is today.  Not only that, currently, the Bamboo Forest, Bang Lang Hill, and Ngay Mua Farms are open to welcome all tourists.  Furthermore, the whole tourist base is surrounded by a 26 km fencing wall and the total expenditure is up to 2 billion VND per km.

After many years, the forest foliage has become dense and verdant.  In addition, Thác Voi Lake sits serenely underneath this green canopy and serves as one of the most beautiful staples of Madagui.  With these distinctive characteristics, Madagui proves itself as a top forest city, a fantastic destination wherein you can enjoy not only the simplicity of the natural forest but also water sports like jet-skiing, kayaking, and banana-boating.

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