All about Madagui (Part 02)

14 Oct All about Madagui (Part 02)

Shared by Thanh Tâm Nguyễn


It’s an actual review from customer with great details we found on the net. I hope it could help you enjoy your stay with us at Madagui even more.


Part 1:



Well, it’s a resort in the forest so of course forest’s delicacies are a must. From our search before the trip, they’re pretty well known for their chicken, fresh fish (from local streams) and wild veggie. A set meal from menu easily got 10 of us covered for about 90.000 ($4) each. And even though it’s a set meal, you can actually change what you want to order as you see fit. That also applies to family or solo traveler as we saw at the restaurant.


Our recommendations are a wild veggie (called Nhip in the menu) stir-fried, Nhip soup with ground meat, a small fish (called Tren in the menu) deep-fried, chicken hotpot, grilled young beef and sour fish soup.


They also have some local alcohols called Nep Nuong (180.000VND per bottle) or Can (300.000 per pot) for the ones who are a little adventurous to try out.


And, there is BBQ. After a fast check with the waiter at the restaurant, we found out that they can provide prepared meat, fishes, veggie and everything else on order. And you can grill them yourself at your place. Everything you order are weight-based so it’s pretty easy to adjust. We had an awesome night out BBQ for 210.000VND each. Very satisfied with that one.



Now the confusing part: room picking. They have plenty of different room types, each comes with a different name so it’s a rather time-consuming process to pick out what you like the best. Let’s go on the list of what they have to offer:

Tents. Pre-setup and fixed near the river. The best thing about these might be the view and feeling, reminded me of my camping days. And because it’s pre-set so no need to worry about cleaning up after the camp. And they have some huge tent with fans inside (my guess is that’s for groups, like ours) surrounded a stage for bonfire and night activities. Separated toilets are closeby (50 or 100m, not sure about the exact number).


Then there are group rooms. These come with bunk beds (3 in each, or 6 people) and toilets. They’re surrounded by rather nice sceneries like huge trees and rock formations but that’s about it. And of course, these are cheap, also near the center of the resort so it’s easy to reach everywhere from there (like busline station, public pool, coffee shop, etc).


Near the top are villa rooms with garden. This is what we picked, ones called Garden View Superior. The pre-order booking came into handy for a nice 15% discount here. We took 4 rooms in the same villa block, need 2 extra mattresses for family use though. Split-cost for rooms are around 400.000VND ( about $18) each. Each garden villa has either 2 or 4 rooms and stays in block of 2. There is a table in the middle of the block which is for shared use (it’s where we had out BBQ). From what I observe, these are around 3 stars standard. They added a rather nice touch on these with big windows and a balcony so you can enjoy the garden view.


Top of the line are villas with pool, must hit it pretty close to 4 stars from my experience. Some Pool Villa Suite are huge, almost 80m2, and come with kitchen, living room like a full option villa. I’d recommend this for family use, or something special like a honeymoon trip or a little private vacation where you want to spoil yourself..


Same as other resorts, they have menu for room service, don’t forget to check this before ordering or using stuff. Bottled water, tea and coffee are free to use though. And they also got slippers and umbrellas in each villa – might be due to frequent rain?


That roughly covered what you can pick from their lineup. We took ones in the middle ‘cause we planned to spend more on food and games, so a bit saving here and there wouldn’t hurt. And they have loads of games. So many that my head hurts thinking about listing them all out. Still, probably do so in the next part though. See ya!